Now that you have a stock of you favorite CDs and DVDs at your disposal, you ought to organize them carefully so that they are not damaged or scratched. In addition, to know what you have stored on them, you need to label them properly. These days, it is very easy to create your own custom labels that you can make with your own laser or inkjet printer.  Software for printing labels is easily available and you can print these labels out in a jiffy.

Nowadays, a variety of labels is available in many different sizes for printing on your printer. These are available in many a variety of colors and materials, that are not only smudge proof but also jam free. Because of their easy availability, they are easy to find in stationary stores as well as on the Internet. If you go searching online, these labels are available as templates that are easily downloadable, where you can use your own designs and print them straight from your computer.

When you create a CD label or cover, you need to know what is stored in it.  Labeling them will help you indentify whether you have stored audio, video, music, movies, files, or documents in them. You will not end up mixing up your important CDs or DVDs with other media, so you can enjoy your media or documents without any problems.

With CD label software easily available online, you have all the freedom to create CDs and DVD labels. Simply use your regular laser printer or jet printer to print out the labels on the preformed adhesive coated template. This method is one of the easiest ways to print a label for your CD or DVD.  Once you print the design on the label, your can peel off the label from the template and stick in on the disc surface. Simply ensure that the surface of the disc is clean and dry before you apply the label on its surface.

This method of applying the label is the cheapest of all forms of CD label printing. Of course, there are other methods of transferring the printing to the CD such as direct transfer, but the adhesive label is by far the most popular method of printing labels for the CD. With this method, the printing is mostly great and good enough for everyday use.

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Author: John Tweak