Thermal paper rolls are widely used in business and industry the world over. If you have not come across this type of paper before, you perhaps will remember the paper receipt handed over at the retail counter of your favorite retail store. Chances are that paper is thermal paper. The characters on it are printed using a thermal printer as it is covered with a certain dye that darkens when exposed to the heated printhead of the thermal printer.

Before its widespread use, this type of paper was expensive as its use was limited. However, it is now widely used in the POS and retail industry. Nowadays, many banks, hotels, ATMs, retail stores, gas stations, and other industries use this type of paper to print out receipts and other sundry information. Using such paper is now economical as the investment in the hardware such as the thermal printer is nominal. These printers are now low priced, portable and are widely available. Because of the improvement in technology, a wide variety of businesses have adopted thermal paper for their day to day needs.

It's easy to understand how this paper got its name. The dye on this type of paper is sensitive to change in temperature and changes color when heated. These rolls have a standard spindle at the centre that can fit into almost any typical thermal printer. These rolls consist of several meters of this paper. Some thermal paper rolls are covered with a dye that does not allow the paper residue to stick on the printhead as it passes through the printer. In this way, the life of the printer head is prolonged and stores find it easy to economize on repetitive costs.

You can easily purchase thermal paper rolls from your favorite office supply store. Alternatively, you can purchase it from the Internet from a reliable dealer. You can easily shop from the comfort of your own home and complete your transaction easily online.

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